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Training for Workers

If you are working, our lessons or courses will be free through the Fundación Tripartita

Training for Businesses

Academia Blume offers you the possibility of funding the cost of the training programmes taken by your employees at our school or in the company itself through the support of the Fundación Tripartita.

Fundacion Tripartita

The amount of the bonus will depend on the credit available by the company and the length of the course taken. The available credit is determined by the social security contributions made by the company the previous fiscal year.

All companies, whether big or small, have this credit, which is at least 420 Euros. It should be spent during the year, since it's non-cumulative.

CWith this funding, once the course has ended, companies can get part of the cost back by deducting the bonus amount from the social insurance payment.

Self-employed workers are not included in this system.

All our programmes are eligible to this bonus through the Fundación Tripartita. Academia Blume will arrange the paperwork necessary to obtain the aforementioned bonus with no further cost to their students. Many companies and workers have already benefit from the programme and have not paid anything for our courses.

Besides, we offer you Spanish courses for foreigners in Murcia  HolaSpain Hola Spain - Learn Spanish

If you have any question about our services to businesses, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail  info@academiablume.com  or by phone (+34 646 125 586).


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