6 Euros per Hour

If you want to save money,

we are what you are looking for.

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Learning with Natives

Our language teachers are native.

Come and check it yourself!

Training for Workers

If you are working, our lessons or courses will be free through the Fundación Tripartita

Learn Chinese

Chinese is the language with the most native speakers in the world. It is spoken in Asian countries like China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia, among others. We have native teaching staff with an excellent level of Spanish.

Furthermore, we offer preparation courses for the HSK, the official standardized test which certifies the student's level of Chinese, and which has become the international benchmark for this language.

Translation Services

We translate all kind of documents keeping all the details and nuances and not only doing a word by word translation

We offer direct (English, German, French or Chinese to Spanish) and indirect (Spanish to English, German, French or Chinese) translations.

Furthermore, regarding translation for specific purposes, we work with the best professionals of each field, in order to offer to you a professional, trustworthy, inexpensive and fast translation:

Legal and technical translations.

Certified translations stamped by a sworn translator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ask for a quote with no obligations.


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