6 Euros per Hour

If you want to save money,

we are what you are looking for.

Demo Lesson

Try our classes with no further obligation.

Learning with Natives

Our language teachers are native.

Come and check it yourself!

Training for Workers

If you are working, our lessons or courses will be free through the Fundación Tripartita

Classroom Renting

We offer the possibility of renting training classrooms per hours. These are located in the centre of Murcia, have a capacity of 24 people and are fully adaptable to your needs. The classrooms are multidisciplinary, apt for courses or meetings, with Internet access, video projector, screen, whiteboards, air-conditioning, and a computer.

• Qualified teaching staff available for advice and course giving

• Reception service

• Customer service

• Technical support in the rooms

• Secretariat service

• Notification management, monitoring of the participant's reservations, etc.

• Paperwork arrangement

• Hostess service

• Coffee break and catering

Alquiler Aulas

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